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харя рожа кочан чайник



Name: André Kobzar
Order, species:
primate, Homo habilis sapiens, Cro-Magnon
Biometric data: DNA | Blood type | Cardiogram | X-Ray
Born: Cænozoic, Holocene Year 11971 (=MCMLXXI auc)
Height: 1.77 m
Mass: 75 kg 
Build: medium
Eyes: brown
Hair: formerly dark brown
Vocal range: E♭2 - G3 (78-196 Hz)
Citizenship: United Kingdom of Tintin, Manneken Pis and Red Devils
Origin: complete family tree
Address: Via Lactea, Brachium Orionis, Systema Solare, planeta Tellus, poste restante
Homeland: Pale Blue Dot 
Languages: Русский, Français, Nederlands, English, Italiano, Polski, Беларуская, Украïнська, Deutsch-יידיש, Lietuvių,  العربية , עברית , فارسی
Political stance: Libertarian
Confession: None. Atheist, secular humanist
Actual membership(s): Blood Collection Service of France
Former membership(s): Little Octobrist Organisation (1979-1982), Young Pioneer Organisation (1982-1986), Komsomol (1989-1990),  Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (1999-2005), Flemish Red Cross (2001-2005), OAR-G (2011-2013) 
Interests: learning, multiculturalism, world music, international politics, Libertarian studies, languages, opera, history, science, IT, teaching and more
Sports practiced: started private tennis lessons in 2016 
Criminal record: none 

Proudly 23 years online with this personal homepage.

Established in 1996 in Namur, Belgium.

Previously hosted at fundp.ac.be and mac.com   

Principles and policies

It's Web 1.0 here

In our Facebook era it may look weird to have a personal homepage: privately hosted, simplistic design, no "I like" buttons. Welcome to Web 1.0! My homepage exists since 1996 and I intentionally keep it independent because I want to be in control of it. No tracking here. No third parties' policies. No contextual ads. No nothing.

Secundo, when I leave this world, my homepage will automatically disappear after a while, so these lines will not hang around eternally while their author will have turned to a handful of ashes.

No social broadcasting

I see no value in social networks with the only exception of the professional LinkedIn. If you see my name on Facebook, Twitter and alike, please be aware that this must be a phishing occurrence.

I am not broadcasting my life urbi et orbi and I am not interested in shadowing others. I love real life and real emotions.  

Instant messaging policy

I don't use WhatsApp, Viber and alike, though I am considering this option. I am online since 1996, and I am perfectly reachable by plenty of channels (I counted 5) without addiction to my smartphone's tinkling notifications 24/7.

LinkedIn policy

On LinkedIn I only accept connection requests from people I personally know. We should have seen/heard/read each other before we can connect. Please be aware of this fact if you realise your connection request was left without answer. The only exception: verified established headhunters. 

Privacy policy

I don't publish any private information about other people. Never. 

Domain policy

I acquired kobzar.be many years ago and I intend to keep it. I use this domain for personal email hosting, this homepage, protected storage area, etc. This domain is not for sale, nor is it for commercial use.

© A. Kobzar, 1996–2019. Last update: March 2019.   Made in the EU Hosted in the EU.  Think different home