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  21 years online since 1996. 
Previously hosted at and



harja rozha koczan czajnik


Name: André KOBZAR
Also known as: Kozbar, Kostbar, Kobzarius, Andrei, Andrius, Mr Bean, El Jefe, Vice-Pres, Pan Direktor, Monsieur Vodca, the Bald, the Bearded, Smart Ass, the German, Gingy
Order, species:
primate, Homo sapiens
Gender: male
Born: Cænozoic, Holocene Year 11971 (=MCMLXXI auc)
Anthropology: Caucasoid
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 72 kg 
Metrics: B-W-H = 100-90-97 cm
Build: medium
Complexion: fair
Eyes: brown
Hair: formerly dark brown
Vocal range: E♭2 - G3 (78-196 Hz)
Blood group: A+
Citizenship: United Kingdom of Tintin, Manneken Pis and Red Devils
Address: Via Lactea, Brachium Orionis, Systema Solare, planeta Tellus, poste restante
Languages: Русский, Français, Nederlands, English, Italiano, Polski, Беларуская, Украïнська, Deutsch-יידיש, Lietuvių,  العربية , עברית , فارسی
Political views: Libertarian
Religion: None. Atheist
Actual membership(s): French Blood Collection Service (from 2011)
Former membership(s): Little Octobrist Organisation (1979-1982), Young Pioneer Organisation (1982-1986), Komsomol (3 months in 1989),  Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (1999-2005), Flemish Red Cross (2001-2005), OAR-G (2011-2013)
Interests: politics, opera and classical music, languages, human history, science, IT 
Sports practiced: started tennis lessons in November 2016
Criminal record: none

It's still Web 1.0 here!

At this Facebook-powered time of flourishing social networks, it may look somewhat odd to have such an old-style personal homepage. Privately hosted, green on black, no "I like" buttons, rather HTML than CSS, no mobile version: it all evokes the first personal webpages back in mid-1990s. Welcome to Web 1.0! Indeed, this homepage exists since 1996 and I intentionally maintain this MS-DOS style. Why? Because only having an independent personal webpage like this allows me to keep control of the content. I set design without pre-defined templates. I upload anything I want without complying with other people's policies. I can change my hosting at any moment.

I hate that elitarian "small web within the big web" concept created by social networks. I believe that on Internet all resources should remain easily accessible without forcing users to sign up with a ring-fenced club run by third parties.

Last but not least,  when I leave this world, this webpage will automatically disappear after a while, so these lines will not hang around eternally while their author will have turned to a handful of ashes.

No social broadcasting:

I have no presence on social networks with the only exception of the professional LinkedIn. If you see my name on one of those platforms, please be aware that this must be a phishing occurence.

I am not broadcasting my life urbi et orbi. I love real life and real emotions!

My instant messaging policy:

I don't use WhatsApp, Viber and alike, though I am considering this option. I am only present on Skype for family and friends. I actively use email, mobile phone, landline phone, SMS, iMessage, FaceTime — it's more than enough for an efficient communication. 

My LinkedIn policy:

On LinkedIn I only accept connection requests from people I personally know. We should have seen/heard/read each other before we can connect. Please be aware of this fact if you realise your connection request was left without answer.

My privacy policy:

I don't publish any information on other people on my website. 

My domain policy:

I acquired many years ago and I intend to keep it. I use this domain for personal email hosting, this homepage, protected storage area, etc. This domain is not for sale, nor is it for commercial use.

↓   I support the following campaigns :

For freedom of speech! Freedom of speech ... because adults don't need censorship. For this very reason of unconditional freedom of speech je suis charlie
Freedom of thought ... because religions and ideologies are very dangerous and destructive matters.
live free or die Libertarianism
... because we can have a much better world with much less government.
support Wikimedia projects
... because it facilitates access to quality information. Please donate.
Wikileaks project
... because I am fed up with the Big Brother's conpiracy, which breaches my rights and threatens my security. Please donate.
Decriminalisation of drugs
... because only legalisation can cut the ground from under the planet-wide empire of organised crime.
Good life, good death Legalisation of voluntary euthanasia
... because you never know what you will be dreaming of at your last hour, so don't lock the door.
toon de zwaarvoet hoe het moet Responsible driving ... because cars should kill much less.
Langue d'oc Endangered languages ... because small languages are often victims of big nations' linguistic imperialism.

Linguistic & cultural pluralism ... because — oh yes — there do exist other languages than English end Emoji.
Geef bloed
Blood donation ... because saving a life is soooooooooooo easy. Try giving blood once, you'll see. 

Right to self-defence
... because breiviks can only shoot on unarmed crowd. Citizens defend themselves.
Room to read Promoting literacy for girls in poor countries ... because, unlike boys, little girls have no chance at all in their traditionalist countries. Please donate
Seasteading Seasteading Libertarian communities ... because apparently there's no single km² on Earth's immense 510'000'000 km² surface to host the new society. Please donate.

© A. Kobzar, 1996–2017. Last update: January 2017.    Made in the EU Hosted in the EU. Think different home