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U.S. vote of 8 Nov. 2016: first thoughts

Here is what we’ve got so far with this Presidential election:


* Democracy triumphed despite an unfair campaign. People’s choice was respected, smiling Obama is shaking smiling Trump’s hand and discussing a smooth transition. This is democracy in action, whether you like the person elected by the people or not.

* Four States legalised marijuana or eased its use — great.

* One State legalised voluntary euthanasia — great.

* The Left all over the world got a slap in the face — great! That’s extremely rare nowadays. It’s nice to see the Socialists defeated at any time, and even more this time, when they were so impertinent, so arrogant and confident to win.

* As we speak, 4,164,589 votes went for Gary Johnson. Even if we deduct the one-off “both suck” protest voters, 4+ million Libertarian calls is not bad for a country that once was built on Libertarian ideals.

* It’s going to be very interesting! Donald Trump will have a colourful mix of achievements and failures, he will sometimes win and much more often lose, but he will certainly bring change. At least he will make the establishment rethink many axioms of the past. Revisiting and reassessing the concepts is always a good exercise. Stagnation kills.


* Gary Johnson has not become the 45th President of the United States. Libertarian ideas remain marginal (3.3%) in the masses, people are still afraid of assuming responsibility, afraid of taking control of their own lives, their money, their future. People still want to be guided by the government and told what to do.

* The campaign was totally, scandalously unfair. A strong bias against Trump was outrageous: mass media, “conventional” politicians, even debate moderators, even his own party — they all were openly playing in Clinton’s favour. All of us, as individuals, can openly demonstrate our convictions. But if we act as institutions we can’t. Such impartiality of the institutions may be normal for an Oriental tyranny, but it is inexcusable for the leading country of the Free World.

* Gary Johnson was not allowed to debate. It’s a shame. They should have let Gary speak. It’s time to bring some colours to the obsolete two-party system.

* Free trade may now be limited. Globalisation may slow down. Trump’s outdated concepts of protectionism and isolationism may seriously jeopardise the progress.

* European security may be at risk, as Trump wants to change the system that has been guaranteeing security of the Free World for the past 60 years. Think twice Mr Trump. Don’t tread on NATO, this shield of our civilisation that held back Stalin, cooled down Khrushchev, stopped Karadžić and Milošević.

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