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I enthusiastically support in_favour the following campaigns and good causes:

Freedom of speechFor freedom of speech!

... because adults don't need censorship. Remember, the journalists from Charlie Hébdo died for the unconditional and unlimited freedom of speech 

Freedom of thought

... because religions and ideologies are dangerous matters to be handled with extreme care. 
live free or die


... because we can have a much better world with smaller governments. Learn more now.
Room to read

Promoting literacy for girls in poor countries

... because, unlike boys, little girls have no chance at all in their traditionalist countries. Unless we help. Please donate
Geef bloed

Blood donation

... because saving a life is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o easy! You spend 30 minutes and somebody wins a life — isn't it the highest possible return on investment in the world?!

Wikimedia projects

... because it facilitates access to quality information. Please support Wikipedia.

Wikileaks project

... because Big Brother's conspiracy should be limited at some point. Please donate.
Good life, good death

Legalisation of voluntary euthanasia

... because you never know what you will be dreaming of at your last hour, so don't lock the door to those who can't stand suffering any more, let them choose for themselves.
Langue d'oc

Endangered languages

... because small languages are often victims of big nations' linguistic imperialism.

Linguistic & cultural pluralism

... because — oh yes — there do exist other languages than English end Emoji in our multicolour world.

Equal marriage

... because if we still believe (do we?) in the institution of marriage in the XXI century, then 18+ citizens should marry whomever they want. Consenting adults should be free to live their lives as they want, as long as they don't involve non-consenting others.  

Legalisation of self-defence for citizens

... because it will enable the [unprotected] good people to defend themselves against the [always armed] bad people. Criminals are armed (by default), we are not (by law), and they know it for sure — do you find it normal? Would Breivik have shot 77 people dead if he feared for a second there might be someone to stop him? 

Decriminalisation of drugs

... because only legalisation can cut the ground under the huge planet-wide empire of organised crime. Prohibition only creates escobars and feeds medellins. Let's be smarter and concentrate on prevention of use, as they do with tobacco.
Live free or die.

Free State Project

... because practicing libertarianism in our lifetime must be a great feeling.  
toon de zwaarvoet hoe het moet

Responsible driving

... because we are not alone on the road.

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