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My Likes and Dislikes

I like :

I do not like:


Applied arts


Astronomy and simple naked-eye observation of the sky

Auto-grill restaurants (like this)

Aviation (piloting myself, planes, airport infrastructure, virtual aviation,..)

Balkan, Gypsy, Klezmer, Romanian, Hungarian, Qawwali, Persian, Indian traditional music

Bass and octavist voices

Bedtime stories told to kids

Beginning of a new month

Being relaxed and unconcerned about life  

Belfries of Begium and Northern France

Belgian Azerty keyboard layout

Belgian cafés and taverns that serve that excellent steak-frites-salade with pepper sauce and those splendid pancakes with butter and brown sugar

Belgian waffles with sugar powder


Beretta 92 and its 9mm Parabellum Lugers  

Blood collection campaigns  

Bloomberg terminals

BMW 3 Touring in its E46 version: it was the best ever design in car-making history. Maybe only challenged by this


Business trips to nice destinations

Candies: Cola-Fröschli, Nimm2, PEZ and Werther's Original

Cantor singing 

Car-wash stations

Carnaval (pre-Lent) in Europe


Change, progress, evolution



Cinema theatres

Cleaning the swimming pool

Comradeship, brother-/sisterhood, solidarity, ethical concept of the 36 hidden lamedvavniks

Competitiveness in everything

Computer technologies 

Computers (both desktops and laptops) rather than mobile devices  

Contrast shower hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold

Corsican polyphonic singing 

Cosmopolitanism and globalism

Critical thinking and independence of judgement

Crossing borders

Cultural and linguistic diversity

DDR and West Berlin history

Debit and credit cards, electronic payment systems 

Deciphering what the others had ciphered

Depeche Mode 

 Dialects and minority languages

 Dicitencello vuje sung by Gianni Conte

 Diesel engines 

Direct democracy and referenda


Driving cars

Efficiency: optimisation of processes, bringing order and logic to things 


Elohay sung by Ofra Haza in this specific version. This is definitely the best song in the world.

Email powered by IMAP 


Europe from Knossos to the Baltic Sea, from the Volga to Lisbon — the best place in the world

European Union in its original 1/1/1993 form: common European identity of citizens (Europeanism) + Single Market  with its Four Freedoms for EU citizens + widest economic and social integration among EU members. And nothing else — we need united Europe, not eurocrats. 

Esthetics of Misnagdim Judaism and the Trident Latin Rite of Roman Catholicism


Feminine beauty

Films La vita è bella, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Borat-1, Forrest Gump, Good-Bye Lenin, The Irony of Fate, The Pokrovsky Gate, Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob 

Fireplaces in houses


Flemish kleinkunst


Fooling around

Freedom of all kind, pro-choice in everything


FTP protocol


Gasoline stations

Google Earth software 

Graphic design 

Gulyás and Vlaamse stoverij

Heated seats in cars

Heating systems in houses (gas, mazout)

Highway bikes


Hot and really hot weather, incl. the heat waves

Hugging my kids 

Huis Istas restaurant, the best in the world 




Indian-Pakistani food



Intelligent, educated people of culture


Keeping others' secrets

Kriek and other fruity beer

Language textbooks edited in the Soviet Union with their structure, academic approach and no typos. 

Langues pour tous series 

Learning new things: a new word, a new language, a new culture, a new concept, a new keyboard shortcut — anything new!

Lebanese & Israeli food (humus, falafel, meze, etc.)

Lebkuchen, kaneelbrood and mint-flavoured pryaniks

Letter 'e' 

Libertarian philosophy

Libre Office for its incredible functionality and open-source philosophy


Linear tax system, the fairest one

Linguistics: learning and comparing languages of different groups

Linux for its incredible functionality and open-source philosophy

Listening ten times in a row the piece of music I've fallen in love with


Logistics and transportation

Luxembourg and Luxembourgish

Manual gearbox in cars

Mashed potatoes impregnated with lots of gravy 

Matzah, Finn Crisp and Wasa

Measuring equipment 

Mediterranean Sea, Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean culture

Mezzo-soprano voice

Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft FrontPage

Minimalism in the Japanese Muji style

Modern hotels 


Monochrome displays (LCD) in watches and other devices

Motivated people

Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox

MTS mobile operator


Music (listening, singing, playing)

My ID Card

Neapolitan songs (like this)

New houses, new buildings, new blocks


Odours of sea, pitch, coffee, freshly mown grass and baked bread, pinales, pencils, new cars, hay, McDonald's and BBQ, cigarettes, most of female perfumes, rain, tar, chewing gum, jelly bears, petrol and railway sleepers impregnated in creosote

One pound sterling £1 coin

Openness of mind and breadth of vision 

Opera (I mean art, not the browser)

Other side of the pillow

Owning less 

Pale Blue Dot philosophy 

Pan pizzas at Pizza Hut

Paper pocket-size spiral-fixed agendas

Paper towels instead of hand dryers or towels in public toilets

Pasta with lots of parmesan, a hint of gruyère and some green pesto sauce 

Pentel automatic pencils P205 and P207

People with no complexes


Physicalism and materialism


Pizza Napoletana with anchovy and capers 

Plain vanilla ice-cream

Polite, calm and responsible car drivers


Polonised transcription of romanised Cyrillic, though the best of all systems is gajica

Polyot torte 

Post offices

Privacy: enjoying mine and respecting others'


Putting my own boots back on after skiing 

Quark and Quarkkuchen (German version of cheesecake)


 Rädli cookie

Railway and its infrastructure

Rain storms

Rainfall shower

Rear-wheel driven station wagons (like this or this


Recognising the objects on the ground when my plane is landing

Recycling lots 

Renting things rather than owning them 

Rollerball pens


Saint Petersburg  

Sandwich poulet andalou or poulet bressan  



Shawarma aka döner kebap aka gyros

Ships and boats 

Simplicity in life, in communication, in behaviour, in nutrition — but not in thinking

Sirop de Liège

Sitting on a sunny side on restaurants' terraces

Soap rather than shower gel (best of all is the unique Russian tar soap

Southern countries

Speculoos spread by Lotus

Split-flap displays

Spontaneous parties and moments of joy when we want it to be a holiday, not the calendar


Starting something new




Supermarkets Coop, Colruyt, Leclerc, Mercadona

 Swiss francs excepting all centime coins 

 Switzerland's model of individual responsibility 

Symbols and signs of all kind: seals of arms, license plates, military insignia, currency signs, emoji.

Synthetism in languages (morpheme-driven languages) 

Teaching kids

Tennis (playing myself, but not watching the others if I don't know them personally)

Tiger Balm

Totalitarian art (architecture, Soviet films, Korea Today magazine) 

Touching the steering wheel of my car 

Typographic fonts (typefaces)

Unipers, or even more precisely UN-2012 standard for Romanisation of Persian 

Vertical days order in calendars (Tuesday must be above Wednesday)

Village of Overijse 

Waffle cones without ice-cream inside

Water, sea and islands

When I have less than one hour to fly and the aircraft is about to start descending in a few minutes

When I realise the headache is completely gone  الحَمْدُ للهِ

When today is the last day of bad weather 


Years 1970s and 1980s on the both sides of the Iron Curtain

Yiddish civilisation: màme-lošn, klezmer music, Ashkenazi pronunciation of Hebrew 


Alto clef 

Animals and related culture: pet owning, mi-mi-mi, zoos, safari, bullfights, hunting

Announcements in airplanes other than those coming from the pilots

Answering machines, voicemail




Bed-sheets used in place of blanket covers

Big brands  

Birthdays of adult people and their expectation I should remember the date when I can hardly remember mine.

Black-box opaque systems, iPhone style, when you get the final result without understanding or controlling the process

Call centres 

Caviar, sturgeon. Also salmon and other "high-end" red-body fish

Christmas rush 

Censorship and self-censorship


Clichés and stereotypes

Comme il faut 

Conformism in behaviour and judgement

Converse-style plimsoll keds

Cooking and barbecuing

Cuff links 

Date formats where months precede days

Desserts (excepting crème brûlée)

Discrimination of all kind

Disguising for Halloween and Éscalade


Dogmatism, all sorts of it  

Doing house work; ironing is the worst, second worst is sorting the washed dishes out of the dishwasher

Driving on the left side 

Driving with lights on in daytime

Fashion. Do you really need to be told by the strange guy you don't know what colour or cut you must like today? 



Fervent ecologist/feminist/WWFist/<any>ist militarism for show

Filet américain aka steak tartare

Fixed-width fonts 

Flea markets

Football cups. I will never understand the mechanism of this mass madness about 11 guys that 99.99% of supporters have never met and will never meet. They play, they enjoy, they win, they lose, it's their game, their fun and their emotions — why should I care about all this?..

Furniture shops if it's not Ikea

Gastronomy, haute cuisine



Hard liquors, alcohol culture

Heavy websites

Herd behaviour: bandwagon effect, stampedes at Apple Stores, etc. 

High-wing monoplanes

Hiking, camping without hot water and 230V, all this КСП-culture

Inkjet printers 



Labels glued on fresh fruit

Lack of hygiene 

Landscape paper position 


Lying to kids about Santa, death or anything else  

Manipulating children with religious, national or any other labelling. Adults can label themselves as they want, but kids must be left alone.

Marriage as a legal regime

Marriage photos

Mass culture, pop culture, idols, concerts of stars that "must" be seen in person when they come to my town 

Microsoft Office monopoly in people's minds

Microsoft Windows 10

Middle Ages in Europe 

Mistakes in the mother tongue

Mooing when descanting

Moscow, all of it (excepting the City district,  the Moscow Metro and the Seven Sisters)

Mountain bikes


Nation-wide holidays  Who really needs Whit Monday to be non-working today?

Nervous, noisy and aggressive people 

Noise of a vacuum cleaner

Non-printing characters displayed in text editors

Obscurantism of all kind


Okroshka, dressed herring salad, pancakes with caviar and "meat à la française" are the worst elements of the Russian cuisine

Old mainframe versions of Avaloq software

Organic farming, organic certification and the Organic Religion 


Patriotism: all those motherlands, hands on the heart, pledges of allegiance etc.

Pets, and what is much more nasty is the subculture professed by the pet owners — ugh!

Political correctness : a bald man is "bald" and not "folicullarly challenged"

Posing when making photos, mandatory happinness. 'Chee-e-e-se!' is the worst phrase a human can ever pronounce.

Postulates : hot weather ⇒ rosé wine, Christmas ⇒ bûche de Noël, expensive ⇒ good, rare ⇒ good, offended ⇒ right, etc. 

Pronouncing [k] in Latin syllables ce and ci 

Pseudoscience: astrology, homeopathy, esotericism, paranormality, horoscopes, "previous lives", biorhythms, auras, "guiding hand", dowsing, feng-shui, the Bermuda triangle, "face on Mars" and legion others

Pyjamas worn outside the bedroom

Racism and sexism, disgusting in all their forms. I think that even counting (like this or this) the percentage of men and women in a corporation or the number of White/Black/You-Name-It people in a government is a form of racism/sexism. I don't care at all about who is deemed what colour. I am not interested in the molecules of eumelanin in other people's skin. I don't want to count others and don't want to be counted for any reason.

Raw milk

Receiving gifts


Roads made of paving stones

Salad dressings

Secret services 

Shellfish: crayfish, oysters, mussels and other seafood  

Short winter days

Slow Internet connection



Snow excepting the first snowfall of the season 

So-called "nations", "national states", "territorial integrity" — there is nothing sacred in it, it's just a temporary political convention that must never become a source of pride or violence. 

So-called "VIP", "luxury", "exclusive", "elite" products and services

Social media and their concept of artificial social life, false sentiment of inclusion and meaningfulness, non-lived emotions and window-dressed picture of an imaginary pseudolife made of photoshopped pictures.

Socialism, communism and other leftist ideas, all those Che Guevara T-shirts and Venceremos romantism. Test yourself, are you a Commie by chance?

Soft bread without crust and sandwiches made of it 


Stained glass

Standing, status 

Statism, fascism, nationalism, chauvinism; cults of authority, of state unity, of personality. Test yourself, are you a McCarthyist/Putinist by chance?

Stupid prohibitions (Why can't I wear a bike helmet in a supermarket or drink my bottle of water in an airport terminal?) 




Tattoos and piercing

Tenor voices

Tick marks on X-axis with bar charts

Times New Roman and Courrier New typefaces

Touchiness and extreme susceptibility to presumed offence in people

Traditions and especially traditionalism

Transports Publics Genevois (tpg):  terrible traffic schemes, dogmatic approach, ignorance of the basic principles of urban connectivity, unusable website

Tribalism : family trees, dusty personal belongings of a fourth cousin, boring stories about glorious ancestors, but especially that false idea that our behaviour and mentality are pre-determined by our blood rather than shaped by our environment, education and self-making

Two or more music sources playing simultaneously


Universal suffrage in its actual form, this concept should be revisited and totally reinvented.

Videos in portrait mode (vertical)

Watching sports without participating, supporting sport teams without being their member or a good friend of a player

We Are the World, We Are the Children song and a sickly-sweet smile that usually accompanies its awful performance 

Wearing no tie when wearing a strict business suit

When they lick their fingers while eating and when they eat with their fingers 

Wicker chairs and objects 

Wind stronger than 5 knots


YouTube videos consisting of a slideshow of moving photos

This list is far from being exhaustive. I didn't include antonyms of what has already been mentioned on the opposite side. Individuals are not included. Items are sorted alphabetically and not by importance.

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