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Covid: context

Nothing personal. Just figures.

Computed as follows ↓

Spanish Flu
Hong Kong Flu
Period 1918-20 1968-69 cumulated as of 7 March 2021
Deaths worldwide, mln Medium estimation: 75 mln; Pessimistic est.: 100 mln
Source: Wikipedia
Medium est.: 2.5 mln; Pessimistic est.: 4 mln
Source: The
2.591 mln
Source:  Johns
Hopkins University
World Population, mln 1912 3552 7851
Population Lost in the Pandemic, % 3.92% 0.07% 0.03%

Covid-19 data as of 7 March 2021.

And… Have you ever heard of the Hong Kong Flu? Honestly. It was only 52 years ago. Twice as many victims as our Covid. Honestly, please.

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