Come avviare il motore con la batteria di un’altra macchina

How to start an engine with another car’s battery?
Here is my checklist.
© A. Kobzar, 2014.

Voltage 12V=12V         CHECK
Similarity of mAh       CHECK
Cable fits car types    CHECK
Cars touch              NO
Gear                    NEUTRAL ON BOTH
Handbrake               ENGAGED ON BOTH
Electric consumption    OFF ON BOTH

Connect in this sequence: 
1. RED: Recepient's Plus
2. RED: Donor's Plus 
3. BLACK: Donor's Minus (Earth Screw)
4. BLACK: Recipient's Minus (Earth Screw) 

Donor's engine         START
Let running            X MINS
Recipient's engine     START
Let running            X MINS
Donor's engine         STOP
Disconnect cables in reverse order